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Caspar Jonquil

Caspar Jonquil Host of Right Minded
Actor: Tosh Greenslade — First Appearance: "Episode 2.1" — Last Appearance: "Episode 9.13"


Caspar Jonquil is a loud, highly-opinionated commentator whose habits include ringing up talkback hosts and spying on his neighbours.


  • Episode 9.1 - In the audience
  • Episode 9.5 - Part of MadAsDebate panel. Throws to the break
  • Episode 9.8 - "Mad As Hell psephologist" Caspar Jonquil analyses the trend of Australian Prime Ministers having double letters in their surnames (e.g., Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott, Turnbull & Morrison)
  • Episode 9.10 - In the background of a Josh Frydenberg video
  • Episode 9.13 - In the audience with a video question played on a VCR player