Leo Hatred Scott Morrison's life coach
Actor: Francis Greenslade — First Appearance: "Episode 9.4" — Last Appearance: "Episode 10.5"

Leo Hatred is Scott Morrison's anger manager who has a tendency to backflip on all of his statements. He regularly becomes irritated with Shaun for not letting him answer questions, despite no interjection from Shaun.
"Let me finish. You asked me a question. Let me finish."
He also frequently mistakes Shaun for Leigh Sales from 7.30.
"Thanks Leigh."


"Australian's everywhere, Shaun, whether they be at a barbie or on a building site or on the back bench or down a stormwater drain or on the Mad Mouse or chairing a royal commission or in a meth lab or at a Black Mass, whoever you are... You could be a woman, and good on ya... They are sick to death of hearing how Scott Morrison could be wrong. They've had a gutful." - Episode 9.4


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