Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell Wiki

The following is an incomplete list of characters that have appeared in at least two episodes of Mad As Hell.

Image Name Portrayed by Notes
Casparjonquil.jpg Caspar Jonquil Tosh Greenslade
Crane Girdle Stephen Hall
Darius Horsham.jpg Darius Horsham Stephen Hall
Davey Plum Tosh Greenslade
Dolly norman.jpg Dolly Norman Roz Hammond
Draymellaburt.jpg Draymella Burt Emily Taheny
Enid Swink Roz Hammond
Jelly Cannister.jpg Jelly Cannister Emily Taheny
Larry Sidebottom Francis Greenslade
Leo Hatred Francis Greenslade
Lois Price Emily Taheny
Maggie Bathysphere Emily Taheny
Omar Papa Molly Daniels
Oopsamaisy Niece Ming-Zhu Hii
Sir Bobo Gargle Francis Greenslade
The Kraken Michael Ward
Tosh Greenslade in a pair of glasses Tosh Greenslade
Wendell Vestibule Stephen Hall