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Series 10 of Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell commenced on 26 June 2019.

Official episode descriptions

The official descriptions of all episodes in Series 10 (visible on the ABC website and iview) reference the US animated sitcom The Flinstones and the US crime drama The Sopranos. Each episode description is a short gag, describing a bizarre situation in which Flinstones characters such as Fred, Wilma and Barney and Sopranos characters such as Jennifer Melfi and Christopher Moltisanti are mentioned. For example, the description for Episode 10.2 of Mad As Hell reads:

"Fred and Barney build a joint swimming pool, leading to fights before Fred's surprise birthday party. This saddens Fred and he is prescribed anti-depressants by Dr Melfi. Barney gets revenge by filling the pool with jelly."

List of episodes

No. Episode First aired Viewers
103 Episode 10.1 26 June 2019 569,000
104 Episode 10.2 3 July 2019 577,000
105 Episode 10.3 10 July 2019 395,000
106 Episode 10.4 18 July 2019 361,000
107 Episode 10.5 24 July 2019 607,000
108 Episode 10.6 31 July 2019 660,000
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