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Series 9 of Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell aired between 19 September 2018 and 12 December 2018. It contains 13 episodes in total.

Series focus[]

Less than a month before Series 9 commenced, Scott Morrison replaced Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister of Australia. This new appointment provided much material for satire in the series such as "picking holes in the way [Morrison] speaks". The character of Leo Hatred was introduced in Episode 4, parodying Morrison's rapid-fire speech style and people-pleasing nature. The critique of other high-profile politicians continued from previous series with regular characters Darius Horsham, Jelly Cannister, Dolly Norman, Sir Bobo Gargle, and Draymella Burt all making a return.

Various ABC television shows were parodied in the series. ABC mini-series Mystery Road was parodied in a series of spoof advertisements for Curiosity Cul-de-Sac. ABC talk show Tomorrow Tonight was sent up with Shaun deliberately mispronouncing or forgetting the name of the show when he was cross-promoting it, as well as parodying the format in a segment titled HYPERthetical. The parody of ABC drama Janet King continued from Series 8 with a final spoof advertisement for Enid Swink.

Official episode descriptions[]

The official descriptions of all episodes in Series 9 (visible on the ABC website and iview) reference the US sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, which aired from 1965 to 1970. Each description is a short gag, juxtaposing the I Dream of Jeannie characters such as Jeannie, Tony, Roger and General Peterson with situations that did not take place in the series. The description for Episode 9.13 of Mad As Hell reads:

"Roger finally discovers the truth about Jeannie, steals and takes control of the bottle without Tony's permission. He gets a 25 cent refund on it in Adelaide."

List of episodes[]

No. Episode First aired Viewers
90 Episode 9.1 19 September 2018 674,000
91 Episode 9.2 26 September 2018 609,000
92 Episode 9.3 3 October 2018 607,000
93 Episode 9.4 10 October 2018 651,000
94 Episode 9.5 17 October 2018 674,000
95 Episode 9.6 24 October 2018 616,000
96 Episode 9.7 31 October 2018 665,000
97 Episode 9.8 7 November 2018 745,000
98 Episode 9.9 14 November 2018 710,000
99 Episode 9.10 21 November 2018 683,000
100 Episode 9.11 28 November 2018 742,000
101 Episode 9.12 5 December 2018 675,000
102 Episode 9.13 12 December 2018 605,000