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Sir Bobo Gargle is Vice Rear Admiral in the Australian Navy. He appears on the show to discuss Australian and international maritime matters.

Sir Bobo Gargle usually ends his interviews by releasing the Kraken.


Sir Bobo Gargle made his first appearance in Episode 1.8. His signature trident and ability to release the Kraken was foreshadowed in his very first interview:

"Shaun, if I had the power to turn these boats around and send them back from whence they came I would, but these powers I do not have. I'm not King Neptune. I don't have a trident. I don't live under the sea and control the Earth's oceans. I don't have a Kraken at my beck and call. I wish I did."

Bobo Gargle makes a return appearance later in the episode wielding a trident. He and Shaun then quote the film Clash of the Titans:

Shaun: "Brother, it is time for the mortals to pay. My child awaits your will."

Bobo Gargle: "Release the Kraken!"